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A note of welcome:

Congratulations and welcome to the Class of 2024 Naval Academy families!

June 17, 2020

Navy Greetings to our new Soon-To-Be Plebe families, current Midshipmen families and all those out in the Fleet!

When our KY Mids left the Yard for Spring Break 2020, little did any of us know or understand the effects Covid-19 would have on some of our beloved Navy traditions. The Parent Club actively participated in showing our support for the Class of 2020 families as they dealt with a very different kind of Commissioning for their sons and daughters. We hope our Club efforts brought some Navy Spirit to our newly Commissioned Officers!

The Parent Club is now working with our new Plebe To Be families to share information regarding the changes to Plebe Summer. We have matched up our new families with experienced Mentor families to give them a bit of extra support. Fortunately, Club member Cynthia Paris has been instrumental in bringing the Club together for a few ZOOM events. On June 7th, Cynthia hosted our First Virtual Hail and Farewell event. This allowed our Plebes To Be to virtually meet each other and then have a breakaway session with Captain Greg Reinhardt. In trying to comply with local Covid guidelines, the Club then hosted three smaller in person gatherings —in Paducah, Lexington, and Louisville. Please look on our Facebook page to see photos from the three meetings and how proud the USNA Parent Club of KY is of our Class of 2024 men and women.

While we may not always be able to physically be together in person for Club events, the Club website, Facebook page, emails and ZOOM events all help us to stay current and in touch. I encourage all of our members to actively read the Club news and reach out to me or our other Club Officers with any questions, concerns, ideas, or simply a word of Navy news from your son or daughter. I look forward to getting to know our newest members and to a year of Navy events in Louisville and Annapolis!

Please know our hearts and support will be with all our Plebe families as their sons and daughters head to the Yard in just a few weeks.      Go Navy! Beat Army!!!

Lauren Theobald (my husband and fellow Navy supporter is Dan Huneke)

Mother of Jonathan Shontz (Class of 2014)

6302 Wolf Pen Branch Road

Prospect, Kentucky 40059

(502) 468-7667


Please reach out on our Facebook page with any questions or suggestions.

We hope to see you at one of our next events!