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A note of welcome:

Congratulations and welcome to our Naval Academy family.

June 16, 2019

A hearty welcome and Navy salutations to our new Soon-To-Be Plebe families, current Midshipmen families, and all those out in the Fleet!

At our recent Hail and Farewell Picnic in Bowling Green, I was honored and blessed to once again become part of our Club leadership team. Back in 2010, I found myself in Midway, Kentucky at the annual picnic. As a parent of a Soon-To-Be Plebe, and one with no military experience, the Club warmly welcomed our family into the Kentucky fold. For me, the Club continues to be a wealth of information, support, and friendship—even as my son has moved into the Fleet.

Over the years, the KY Parent Club has grown and evolved—especially with the help of Kirby Rhines and the Paris family bringing us into current times with the help of technology. While we may not always be able to physically be together for Club events, the Club website, Facebook page, and emails all help us to stay current and in touch. I encourage all our members to actively read our Club news and reach out to me with any questions, concerns, ideas, or simply a word of Navy news from your son or daughter. While my son is no longer on the Yard (now in Oklahoma), my heart is always in Annapolis and especially with our Club members. I look forward to getting to know our newest members and to a year of Navy events and news!

Please know our hearts and support will be with all our Plebe families in Annapolis on Induction Day!     Go Navy! Beat Army!!!

Lauren Theobald (my husband and fellow Navy supporter is Dan Huneke)

Mother of Jonathan Shontz (Class of 2014)

6302 Wolf Pen Branch Road

Prospect, Kentucky 40059

(502) 468-7667


Please reach out on our Facebook page with any questions or suggestions.

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