Our Parent Club Events

Annual Events that our club hosts:

      • June – Welcome Aboard Picnic – Hail and Farewell, Induction Day
      • August – Welcome to new Parents – Mid Summer Updates
      • December – Navy beats Army watch parties
      • January / February –┬áDark Ages Packing Party/ Annual Meeting – Officer Elections



      Parent Club Calendar

    In order to host our events in different locations each year, we have developed the following rotation:

    2019 is Year B

    2020 is Year C

  • 2021 is Year A

    Please note that the Alumni Association in KY hosts the Army / Navy watch party in Louisville every year at this time.

    Year A

    Dark Ages Packing Party – Bowling Green, Hail and Farewell – Louisville

    Year B

    Dark Ages Packing Party – Lexington, Hail and Farewell – Bowling Green

    Year C

    Dark Ages Packing Party – Louisville, Hail and Farewell – Lexington