Hello to All our Kentucky Navy Crew!

Posted: 5/29/2020

This is a brief overview of some upcoming Club events in June. Please open up your calendars to record these very important and exciting events!

June 7th at 7:00PM (EDT) is our Virtual Hail and Farewell Event

Meeting ID: 875 1608 2090
Password: USNA24

The event will allow our Plebe families to be introduced and learn a bit more about the USNA Parent Club of Kentucky. We will have more information coming out to explain the event.

Since our Hail and Farewell event is in a virtual format, we are hosting smaller in person Plebe Family meetings spread out across the state so we can follow social distancing guidelines. These gatherings are intended to give families the opportunity to ask questions and learn from our more experienced families. The Plebes will have the opportunity to meet some of their fellow Kentucky Plebes before heading to the Yard. We understand that it still may be difficult for some families to attend due to the distance or prior commitments.

  1. The Western KY event will be hosted by Debbie and Todd Conway over the June 6th/7th weekend for the following families: Rathman, Vance, and Hogan. Debbie will be contacting you with specific details.
  2. The Lexington area/Eastern Kentucky event will be hosted by Janet and Chris Gilligan and will include the following families: Crawford, Osborne, Fiscus, and Freihofer. The Gilligan’s will be contacting you with more details.
  3. The Louisville area event will be hosted by Lauren Theobald and Dan Huneke on Sunday, June 14th at 1:00PM (EST) — 6302 Wolf Pen Branch Road in Prospect, KY. The following families will be included: McCormick, McQuillen, Floyd, Oser, Roark, and Metel. If someone is unable to attend, we may be able to include you by FaceTime.

More details will be sent out in regards to how we will follow social distancing guidelines, while still having a great time talking NAVY!!!

We also hope to plan an event later in the summer for all our Navy families to gather in person when the guidelines will allow for a larger group.

Plebe families please be aware that you will be receiving a phone call/email from another Club family as our Plebe Family Mentor Program is starting up soon. I hope you enjoy making this connection with an upper class family who can help answer questions and share their Yard experiences!

Lauren Theobald (USNA Parent Club of KY President)

Go Navy! Beat Army!!!